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November 29 2017

Ich habe noch nie jemanden zum Frühstück drei(!) Bratwürste, zwei Eier und ne non-Schrippe verdrücken sehen.

Der Kaffee kommt aber hin. *schlürf*

Yo, @gingerglue :)

November 28 2017

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November 26 2017

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Revealing the Hidden Patterns of Birds in Motion

Dennis Hlynsky, a film and animation professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, creates videos at the intersection of art and science. Hlynsky transforms ordinary footage of birds and insects into ethereal illustrations by digitally tracing the paths they travel. 

Hlynsky’s work is typically featured in galleries, where the video is projected on large screens with recorded sound. To see more videos from Hlynsky, please visit his Vimeo channel

GIFs by ARCHatlas Text + video via

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November 22 2017

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November 21 2017

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November 18 2017

Musicians Think There's #NoGreaterTime to Advocate for Change in Trinidad & Tobago

A new musical project delivers an inspirational message of unity to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, challenging them to collectively create "a more peaceful society".

In Kyrgyzstan, Sheep Sacrificed to Stem Car Crash Scourge

"We gave meat to everybody that passed, explaining that the food was from God."

November 17 2017

Ep. 467: Resonance

We’re recording on Sunday, Nov. 19 this week due to Pamela taking a well-earned vacation next week! Join us at a special time – 2 pm EST/ 11 am PST / 19:00 UTC for this episode!

We usually record Astronomy Cast every Friday at 3:00 pm EST / 12:00 pm PST / 20:00 PM UTC. You can watch us live on here on AstronomyCast.com, or the AstronomyCast YouTube page.

If you would like to support Astronomy Cast, please visit our page at Patreon here – https://www.patreon.com/astronomycast. We greatly appreciate your support!

If you would like to join the Weekly Space Hangout Crew, visit their site here and sign up. They’re a great team who can help you join our online discussions!

In Macedonia and Serbia, Right-Wing Politicians Make Their Followers Swoon—Literally

Both Serbian President Vučić of Serbia and former Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski have tried to spin incidents, in which attendees to their public appearances fainted, in their favor.

Another Muslim Man Is Murdered in India's Rajasthan by Cow Vigilantes

"The term Gau Rakshak has slipped into the country’s lexicon of politics and culture over the past two years, in step with increasing activism by self-styled protectors and vigilante groups."
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Mezcal: The Rebirth of a Traditional Mexican Drink

After having been considered an underappreciated drink, mezcal is finally found in the most chic bars on the planet and bartenders are giving it the recognition it deserves.
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